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Sue W Collection, established in August 2020 is inspired by the tradition, style and culture going back to the heart of Guanajuato, Mexico. This unique style of shoe combines the roots and tradition still found in this area of the country. Artisans handcraft the shoes using a Goodyear welt that favors uniqueness and quality.


Our Marias Collection brings up color, beauty and energy of old Mexico. Both collections together will feed your soul and with style and comfort it is food for your foots’ sole!

Sue Whetten’s inspirations begin with her compassionate efforts in social work and have expanded to include decades long passion for rescuing dogs (Huskies in particular). In these shoes, she brings together a creative dream of owning her own business and with serving and helping others in need.

A Sue W shoe is more than buying a shoe. You are purchasing quality art in foot wear that expresses style and allows you to participate with Sue in showing kindness and love to beautiful animals in need.